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Forget Al-Qaeda; Apparently It's the Aliens We Need to Worry About - Reality...

i've done enough research now to see that earth was infiltrated many thousands of years ago by hostile reptilian aliens who spawned hybridised human/reptilians through earth females in order to gradually try and take over earth with their hybrid 'blue bloods', so as to conceal their true nature and their plan. they constructed the system that we've all been brought up on so as to control us without our realising, very clever form of slavery without the slaves really knowing their slaves. it is


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New U.K. Science Minister Cites 'Future-Telling Power' Among His Qualifications...

The British government recently appointed a new minister of science, and he's quite a character. Aside from being a millionaire with a PhD in robotics who left his position in the Ministry of Defense (a body that has been known to house interesting sorts) to race sports cars, Lord Paul Drayson of Kensington is also, he says, a wee bit psychic. In a recent interview with the U.K. Times, he professed to have "an uncanny ability 'like a sixth sense' to know and predict some events



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